Local organizations look to educate public on computers – Titusville Herald

Local organizations look to educate public on computers – Titusville Herald

They say great minds think alike. Two local organizations, The Benson Memorial Library and Titusville Regional Literacy Council (TRLC), are on the same page, as both are offering digital literacy and computer basics classes free to the public starting this week.

Benson Memorial Library, through PA Career Link Erie, will be hosting a class on Thursday. The TRLC is starting instruction at different times throughout the week, and is offering instruction throughout the year to those who want it.

This Thursday, Jan. 13, from 1 to 2 p.m., PA Career Link, based in Erie, will be having a computer basics class at the library. Those who attend will learn everything they need to know to participate in a digital workforce, from the difference between a desktop and a laptop to email and all other information needed to navigate a digital world.

To sign up for the class, attendees need to contact PA Career Link at (814) 310-9108. Attendees need to bring their own laptop.

Megin Sewak, the library’s adult services librarian, said that the classes are geared towards those who are looking to add skills, especially those who need the internet to join the workforce. “The classes are open to anyone,” she said, even those who don’t need the skills for the job market.

With so many career opportunities tied to computers, Sewak said that if you don’t know how to get online, it is hard to even apply. When it comes to the Titusville area, she knows that there are many people who didn’t grow up around computers, and for them technology can be scary.

“A lot of people are afraid of computers,” she said. “This class will help them build confidence.”

For those who might be busy on Thursday, or don’t have a computer, the Titusville Regional Literacy Council has received two grants to help area residents get online.

Through the Department of Labor and Industry, the TRLC has set up computer labs in both Titusville and Tionesta. The labs are free to use and are open outside of the hours where those with digital literacy needs can get instruction.

The TRLC wants to tailor their classes to the needs pf the community, and want residents to call them and let them know how they can help.

“If there are five people who need information on how to use a mouse, we will do a class” said Executive Director Kelli Davis. “If they need different things then we will work with each person individually.”

The TRLC has 15 modules to teach, that include topics such as work processing, spreadsheets and formulas, safe web searching, how to use email, how to make a resume and cover letters. However, if the information that you need falls outside of that, all you have to do is ask.

“We will meet the needs of the community,” said Davis.

The computer labs will be run by Liz Sands, who Davis described as a person “who can do anything with computers.”

Sands will be at the labs to help people however they need, and the TRLC does not want anyone to feel they are a lost cause when …….

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